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Basic Ice Cream recipe


Chocolate Ice cream And Vanilla ice cream with Chocolate chips

Summer is just round the corner . Scorching sun and cool shades , hot afternoon breeze and chilled fizzy drinks , warm days and comfortable cotton clothes ,  piping hot food followed by chilled desserts. I love summers . And I love ice creams . Thank you so much for appreciating my ice cream pictures and encouraging me to come up with exotic and yummilicious flavors. 

                 Simplicity has always been my mantra and my ice cream recipes follow the same rule. A few easily available ingredients , a few simple steps and then a delicious outcome . I have always strived for that. This summer I have for you all a basic ice cream recipe. And you know what, keeping this as the base you can make your own flavors. So come on,  stretch your imagination and perk up your enthusiasm and make your own signature flavor and please share it with us by posting the picture with a few lines on the timeline of my Fb page so that others can enjoy another different flavor this summer.

Basic Ice cream recipe .

1.   400 ml or two small tetra packs of Amul whipping cream
2.   200 grams Milk Chocolate ( I have used Morde , One and a half bar of the 500 gms pack of Morde make 200 gms)
3.   2 – 4 tablespoons of castor sugar . don’t use any more than this , infact check the sweetness after adding two tablespoons , and if need be add a little more. Please note that tooti frooti , candied fruits etc all are sweet so its safer to keep the basic ice cream just about sweet , sugar can always be added later , even after adding the other things. You could skip the sugar and add honey for an absolutely amazing flavor. Honey and Fig icecream was a hit with my family.
4.   A teaspoon of vanilla essence , if you want a plain ice cream , or any fruit essence if you want a fruity flavor. This is optional .
5.   Half a cup of chopped figs if you want Fig Ice cream , If you want tooti frooti then half a cup of that ,chocolate chips , butter scotch chips , there is many a flavor in the market to try . I have used chopped candied pineapple and papaya measuring to about half a cup or three fourth is also fine.


1.   Chill the whipping cream tetra packs in the refrigerator for alteast 2- 4 hours.
2.   Chill the container in which you will beat the cream in the freezer for atleast 10 – 15 minutes.
3.   Break the milk chocolate into about one inch sized pieces and place in a Borosil or Pyrex bake and serve glass bowl  ( Just a microwave safe glass bowl might crack when the chocolate melts ) . Microwave for atleast about one and a half minute to two minutes  to melt the chocolate , the choclate will seem intact but just a stir and it will smoothen out to a glossy sauce. Let it come to room temperature.
4.   Whip the cream with an electric egg beater for about 5 – 7 minutes till it increases in volume and gets soft peaks.
5.   Stir in the  cooled melted chocolate and sugar to taste.
6.taste Add a teaspoon od Vanilla essence or any essence
7.   Pour in a freezer safe glass bowl ( Borosil , Luminarc ) or an aluminium container or bowl ( seal with an aluminium foil to avoid crystals ).
8.   Chill for atleast 4- 6 hours. ENJOY !!!!!!

 Butterscotch Ice cream : Add a teaspoon of Butterscotch essence and about two tablespoons of Castor sugar. Remember , the butterscotch chips already are quite sweet so be frugal with the added sugar. Freeze the ice cream and after about two hours when the icecream is just about semi set , add about half to three fourth cup of Butterscotch chips. If you add them in the first stage they are likely to sink to the bottom of the dish. Give a gentle stir and freeze again. 
             For the Chocolate chip icecream , the method is the same, add a teaspoon of vanilla essence , give a stir , freeze and when the icecream is semi set , stir in some chocolate chips.

For Kiwi Ice cream

    Follow the basic ice cream recipe .
Don't add the sugar , instead add 4 - 5 level tablespoons of Kiwi - Apple flavour Tang. At the same time add about half a cup of chopped candied kiwi ( optional ). Chill .

For Orange Ice cream , the method is the same like Basic ice cream recipe , don't add the sugar , instead add Four level tablepsoons of Orange flavour Tang . At the same time add about half a cup of candied orange peel ( optional ). Freeze

 For Tooti Frooti  Icecream , follow the basic Ice cream recipe , add Mixed fruit essence , and half a cup of Tooti Frooti , give a stir and freeze. So friends there are a whole wide range of flavours out there to experiment . Do share your ideas with us......And just chill..

Chocolate Mousse with Cadbury Dairy Milk silk


There are times when one needs a quick fix dessert . I have often been in situations where in I had unexpected guests . I could always scramble a quick meal but had to serve store bought sweets for dessert. I always keep in my pantry a few things which have a long shelf life and can be used to make some quick meals or desserts.
The Cadbury Dairy milk silk with a real silky texture has inspired this delicious Chocolate Mousse recipe which was a hit with my family and friends. Here is the recipe for you to try ……..

Ingredients :

1. 200 grams Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate
2. 200 ml Tetra pack of Amul whipping cream chilled for a few hours in the refrigerator
3. 2 heaped tablespoons of Castor Sugar ( regular powdered sugar will do)
4. 2 teaspoons of gelatin
5. Half a cup ,about 100ml of water


1. Chill the bowl in which you will whip the Whipping cream.
2. Sprinkle gelatin on the water and keep aside for about ten minutes.
3. Meanwhile whip the Amul Whipping Cream with an egg beater till it almost doubles in volume.
4. Add in the castor sugar and give another good mix.

5. Place the bowl of gelatin over a pan of simmering hot water , and mix well for just about a minute till you get a thick glue like substance. Take it off the hot pan and let it come to room temperature.
6. Break the Chocolate bar keeping about two rectangles each. If you make the pieces too small and melt them in the microwave , there are chances of the chocolate burning.
7. Microwave for about a minute and a half or two minutes to melt the chocolate. Stir and smoothen the melted chocolate.
8. When the chocolate and gelatin are at room temperature , pour them both into the bowl of whipped cream , give a good mix with the egg beater . pour them into 4 -6 small bowls and let chill in the refrigerator . It will take about 2- 4 hours for the mousse to set. Decorate with grated chocolate or whatever suits your fancy.

Chocolate Nutella Ice Cream


I can see that you all really liked the Chocolate Nutella recipe I posted on my Fb Page. I got a few queries about the recipe so here are the answers to all of those.  I have used Amul Whipping cream as it has no added sugar and inreases a little in volume on  whipping , and doesn’t treble like the other brands. Also I like the fact that the Amul Whipping cream comes in small tetra packs of 200 ml as well the large 1 litre ones.
I love making Ice creams at home , I find a kind of thrill in churning a few indredients and then placing the mixture in the freezer and letting it do the magic of giving it a delicious texture. 


1.   500 ml Amul Whipping cream
2.   300 grams Dark chocolate ( I use Morde)
3.   6 heaped tablespoons or One fourth jar of Nutella
1.   Chill the whipping cream tetra pack in the fridge for atleast  4- 7 hours.
2.   Five minutes before starting to prepare the ice cream , chill the steel bowl in the freezer in which you will whip the cream.
3.   Measure 500 ml Amul Whipping cream and pour in the chilled bowl.
4.   Using an egg beater whip the cream till it increases in volume , stiffens a little and finally forms soft peaks.
5.   Leave the cream to come at room temperature. Meanwhile break the chocolate into about 2 inch pieces and place in a Borosil or Pyrex bowl and microwave for about 2 minutes. To check if the chocolate has melted , just touch a chocolate piece with the back of a spoons and if it melts away that means the chocolate has the desired consistency. You could even place the chocolate in a steel bowl and then place it over a pan of simmering water , the water should not touch the base of the bowl. Keeping the flame on low so that the vapors of the water do not come in contact with the chocolate , keep stirring the chocolate pieces till they melt away. If you let the bowl remain on the hot pan the chocolate will remain melted and not set.
6.   Touch the melted chocolate to check if it is still not hot. If it has cooled down a bit , pour it into the whipped cream. Add the Nutella and give a good mix.
7.   I would suggest that the ice cream be set in a freezer safe Glass bowl or in an Aluminium container.
8.   It will take about 4 hours or more for the ice cream to set.
If you want to enjoy your ice cream even more then serve it in an Icecream cone and relish it for long while chatting with your family or friends.
Enjoy !!!!!

The next ice cream recipe coming up is “Honey Fig “Ice cream.

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