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Cashew Nut Loaf

Cashew nut loaf

Delicious slices to go with roast chicken and some leafy salad, this loaf is a perfect choice for festive meals. Easy to prepare and a perfect blend of seasonings this loaf is my all time favourite accompaniment to Mediterranean meals.


1.   225 grams ground cashew nut / cashew powder
2.   120 grams fresh whole meal bread crumbs ( you could use white bread too)
3.   2 generous tablespoons of spicy tomato ketchup ( I used maggi hot and sweet)
4.   Half a teaspoon each of dried oregano , rosemary and thyme
5.   Two three tablespoons of ground nut oil
6.   One egg
7.   Two teaspoons black pepper
8.   One level teaspoon of sea salt
9.   One medium onion chopped fine
10.  One tablespoon of crushed garlic
11. 100 ml  warm water with a Maggi vegetarian stock cube dissolved in it


1.    Take oil in a large pan and add the onions and garlic , stir on medium flame till soft or the onions just about turn pink.

2.    Assemble the rest of the ingredients in the mean time so that the onions come to room temperature.
3.   Tumble in the rest on the ingredients one by one. You will get a sticky mixture.

4.  Pat the mixture into a 7 inch loaf tin and gently press it and level it out.

5.   Cover with an aluminuim foil and place in a preheated oven at 180° for fifty minutes and another ten more minutes after removing the foil.

6.   Cool and slice and serve with the main course as a delicious accompaniment.


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